The PR playbook for ad agencies has changed. Here’s how to win the game.

On a similar note, Azher Ahmed, EVP & Director of Digital at DDB Chicago, points to the fact that “agencies aren’t all that indifferent from our clients given the rise of social/digital media. It’s broadened the mix of how we market ourselves and conduct PR and promotional activities.”

As Pokémania rages, the Nintendo brand soars

“Pokémon Go uses nostalgia to activate a passion that’s been lying dormant for a section of the audience while at the same time broadening its appeal to new audiences,” said Azher Ahmed, evp and director of digital at DDB Chicago. “It’s done a good job of looking at its audience …

How Snapchat plans to include commerce ads

“Commerce is a close cousin of content and there are a ton of content players out there,” said Azher Ahmed, director of digital at DDB Chicago. “It would make sense that they’re trying to close the loop and capture sales when people are ripe and ready.”